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Verse 77: The Story or Bhikkhus Assaji and Punabbasuka

While residing at the Jetavana monastery, the Buddha uttered Verse (77) of this book, with
reference to Bhikkhus Assaji and Punabbasuka.

Bhikkhus Assaji and Punabbasuka and their five hundred disciples were staying at Kitagiri
village. While staying there they made their living by planting flowering plants and fruit trees
for gain, thus violating the rules of Fundamental Precepts for Bhikkhus.

The Buddha hearing about these Bhikkhus sent his two Chief Disciples Thera Sariputta and Maha
Moggallana, to stop them from committing further misconduct. To his two Chief Disciples the
Buddha said, "Tell those Bhikkhus not to destroy the faith and generosity of the lay disciples
by misconduct and if anyone should disobey, drive him out of the monastery. Do not hesitate to
do as I told you, for only fools dislike being given good advice and being forbidden to do evil."

Then the Buddha spoke in verse as follows:

Verse 77. The man of wisdom should admonish others; he should give advice and should prevent
others from doing wrong; such a man is held dear by the good; but is disliked only by the bad.

Translated by Daw Mya Tin, M.A.,
Burma Pitaka Association, Rangoon, Burma 1986.

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