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Verse 94: The Story of Thera Mahakaccayana

While residing at the Pubbarama monastery, the Buddha uttered Verse (94) of this book,
with reference to Thera Mahakaccayana.

On a full moon day, which was also the end of the rains retreat, Sakka with a large company of devas
came to pay homage to the Buddha, who was then in residence at Pubbarama, the monastery
built by Visakha. At that time, the Buddha was being attended upon by the Chief Disciples and
all the senior Bhikkhus. Thera Mahakaccayana, who spent the rains retreat in Avanti, had not yet
arrived, and a seat was kept vacant for him. Sakka paid homage to the Buddha with flowers,
incense and perfumes. On seeing a vacant seat, he declared how he wished that Thera
Mahakaccayana would come, so that he could pay obeisance to him also. At that instant
Mahakaccayana arrived; Sakka was very pleased and eagerly paid obeisance to him with
flowers, incense and perfumes.

The Bhikkhus were awed by Sakka paying obeisance to Mahakaccayana, but some Bhikkhus
thought that Sakka was being partial to Mahakaccayana. To them, the Buddha said, "One who
is restrained in his senses is loved by both men and devas."

The Buddha then spoke in verse as fellows:

Verse 94. The Arahat whose sense-faculties are calm like horses well-tamed by the charioteer,
who is free from pride and
mental fermentation - such an Arahat is held dear even by the devas.

Translated by Daw Mya Tin, M.A.,
Burma Pitaka Association, Rangoon, Burma 1986.

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