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Audio Dhamma

Dhamma on Air #6 Audio


Dhamma Radio #6:
The 31 levels of Existence & Mara the Evil One:


Video of this audio:

Dhamma Questions answered:
Question 1: There are 31 worlds in this universe, according to Buddha’s teachings,
are there other universes as well? Is there such a thing as Multiverse?

Question 2: Who are the 4 guardian gods, and what/who do they guard?

Question 3: Is there an individual or a person called Mara/King of Death or
Is he the defiled thoughts of Humans' Minds (Stinking Thinking)?

Question 4: “The continuity of Dukkha relies on Kamma”.
Does that mean we have to clear away all our Kamma
(negative and positive) before we attain Nibbana?

Question 5:
The Buddha talks about the highest form of giving to adorn and decorate the mind.
In what sense and how are we to adorn and decorate the mind?

Question 6: DN2 Wrong livelihood for Recluses:
What was the Buddha's view on: Astrology, horoscopes, wearing of talismans,
various rituals to avoid bad or evil influences of the planets on a person's life?

Question 7: How long time does the mind exist for?
Does mind come into existence at the start of a new universal cycle?

On Mara, The Evil One, Death, The Temptor, Satan, Namuci:

On Horoscopes, Amulets: DN2 Samaññaphala Sutta: The Fruits of the Contemplative Life [D i 47]:



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