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Audio Dhamma

Dhamma on Air #7


Dhamma Questions answered:
Question 1: How does it feels when one is in first Jhana?

Question 2: How to practice in order to attain first Jhana?

Question 3: If I practice only anapanasati and not Vipasana meditation .. Is it then possible to attain Jhana (Samma Samadhi)?

Question 4: As laypeople living in West how do we continue to motivate ourselves to keep on developing the Noble 8-fold Way?

Question 5:
What is the best way to make merit out of the various ways of making merit and how does one transfer merit to a deceased relative, and how long can you do this for? Do you have to transfer merit immediately they pass away or can you keep transferring merit for a long time after?

On Jhana Absorption:

The Jhanas in Theravada Buddhist Meditation by Henepola Gunarathana Thera

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