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Audio Dhamma

Dhamma on Air #9 audio


Dhamma on Air #9 audio: Nobles and Past Lives

Video of this purely true Saddhamma:

Dhamma Questions answered:
Question 1: Does the death-moment consciousness carry the remembrance of the past lives?

Question 2: Are their different Early Buddhist attainments? Tests or criteria to recognize them?
Question 3: What to do with marijuana/pot/ganja/cannabis sativa abuse?

Question 4: Please explain step by step praxis of universal friendship meditation.

Question 5: How are the senses to be guarded in praxis if you move through a western city?

Question 6: What is a Gandhabba? Are these beings everywhere, and how long do they live?

On Metta Meditation on Universal Friendship check:
Video: https://vimeo.com/73424140
Audio: https://soundcloud.com/bhikkhu-samahita/metta-meditation

On Gandhabbas see:

Dhamma on Air from earlier can be regained here:
Video: http://what-buddha-said.net/various/Dhamma_on_Air.htm
Audio: https://what-buddha-said.net/library/Talks/Dhamma_Talks.htm

New Questions for next Dhamma on Air are welcome emailed to:
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