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Audio Dhamma

Dhamma on Air-#10 audio


Dhamma Audio #10: The Double Slit Experiment & the Devas


Video corresponding to this audio is here:

Questions answered:

Q1: How to cultivate and harvest fields of plant foods according to Buddhism?

Q2: Is there any explanation of the ‘double slit experiment’ via the Buddha-Dhamma?

Q3: A lay man will either go forth or die at the day of awakening. Why is this so?

Q4: Is addiction to Facebook, YouTube, internet-porn a 5th precept intoxicant?

Q5: Why are Sakka the Chief of the Thirty-Three and the Brahma devas called 'Gods'?

Q6: Are all beings above at the 31 levels of existence following the Buddha-Dhamma?

The Double Slit Experiment:

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