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Audio Dhamma

Dhamma on Air #11 Audio


Dhamma on Air #11: The 5 Destinations

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Dhamma Questions answered:
Q1: How to come to understand suffering?

Q2: Adultery induces rebirth as homosexual. Source text? Other causal karmic relations?

Q3: When we are reborn as humans, are one into the future, or can we be reborn into the past?

Q4: Isn't attachment to a jhana meditation absorption also a form of clinging?

Q5: How can lay people gain deeper peace, when still craving for primitive things like sex?

Q6: Did Buddha said anything about euthanasia of humans and animals?

Q7: Should one participate in politics if there are political wrong doings that makes people suffer.

Q8: To quit alcohol and tobacco is there any Dhamma-medicine or meditation-method?

Q8: If Mara is performing evil actions, shouldn't he had destroyed himself karmically by now?

Q9: What makes the effect of kamma manifest as good or bad future?

The 5 Destinations:

The Manual on the 5 Destinations (Pa├▒cagatidipani):

The realm of the Hungry Ghosts (Petavatthu) and
The seats of the Divine Devas (Vimannavatthu):

Audio Dhamma Talks on Kamma:

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