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Audio Dhamma

Dhamma on Air #12 Audio


Dhamma on Air #12: Death-Consciousness

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Dhamma Questions answered:

Question 1:
What is Sankara-upekkha-ñana. Can a layperson achieve it?

Question 2:
How is equanimity different from nihilism or depression?

Question 3:
Can a person who has achieved stream entrance break the 5 precepts?

Question 4:
If one forgive others for harms done, would that reduce their karmic effects?

Question 5:
How should one behave in order to be reborn in a higher than human world?

Question 6:
Is there any supreme power except the soul?

Question 7:
What is cuti citta?
How can one gain a good cuti citta at the death-moment?

Cuti-citta: 'death-consciousness', lit. 'departing consciousness',
is one of the 14 functions of consciousness (viññana-kicca).

Sankara-upekkha-ñana = Knowing indifference regarding all constructions.

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