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Audio Dhamma

Dhamma on Air #15 Audio


Dhamma on Air #15 audio: The Mental and the Mind-Made Body


Corresponding Video

Dhamma-questions answered:

Q1: How to redirect myself away from always seeking sense pleasure?

Q2: What advice would you give about becoming a monk?

Q3: When Buddha talked about the flame that goes out, what was he referring to?
The extinguishing of all craving, and all defilements, or something else?

Q4: The organic human body is maintained by biological and neural processes.
Is the "Clear Light" of consciousness caused by these biological and neural activities?

Q5: How could MahaMoggallana visit other worlds without a self, soul, or astral body?
Was it a form of lucid dreaming, or something else?

Q6: How to properly remove broken Buddha statues in a suitable way?

Q7: Why did the blessed Buddha not allow women to ordain, when first requested?

Q8: Why are all historic Buddhist events celebrated on poya/uposatha/observance days?

Q9: Is consuming a glass of red wine breaking the 5th training-rule (of the 5 Pancha-Sila precepts)?

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