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Audio Dhamma

Dhamma on Air #16 Audio


Dhamma on Air #16 audio: Rebirth Transmigration


Corresponding Video:

Dhamma Questions answered:

Question 1: Do we still have the Gotama Buddha’s True Dhamma teachings intact?

Question 2: How to cure sorrow over death, and thus separation from loved family?

Question 3: Does the mental state of the death moment determine the rebirth destination?

Question 4: Did the Buddha tell how, and when beings, and the Cosmos began to exist?

Question 5: How to maintain emotional balance, and calm in conflict situations?

Question 6: If there is no self, how does one transcend/reincarnate into a new existence?

Question 7: Will and can prayers, and mantra-repetition improve any individual's future?

Question 8: Can a lay person achieve Enlightenment without becoming a monk or nun?

On the 1st Buddhist Council year 483 BC:

Rebirth Links:

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