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Dhamma on Air #25 Audio


Dhamma on Air #25 Audio: The 10 indeterminable questions


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Dhamma Questions answered:

Q52: Why did the Buddha refuse to answer the 14 unanswered questions?

The 10 indeterminable questions (avyaakata = unanswerable) are:
1: Is the universe eternal?
2: Is the universe not eternal?
3: Is the universe finite?
4: Is the universe infinite?
5: After death, does a Buddha continue to exist?
6: After death, does a Buddha not continue to exist?
7: After death, does a Buddha both continue to exist and not to exist?
8: After death, does a Buddha neither continue to exist, nor not to exist?
9: Are the body and the “self/soul/mind” the same entity (mind-brain dilemma)?
10: Are the body and the “self/soul/mind” fully separable, and different entities?

Q53-A: What is good intention?
Q53-B: Does it matter whether one does abstain from doing evil:
A: Due to Awareness of a detrimental state such as envy, fear, pride, or anger?
B: From analysis seeing the painful kammic consequences of that evil behaviour?

See Also: What is indeterminable and irresolvable?

AN 7.51 PTS: A iv 67 Avyakata Sutta: Undeclared

MN 63 PTS: M i 426 Cula-Malunkyovada Sutta: The Shorter Instructions to Malunkya

MN 72 PTS: M i 483 Aggi-Vacchagotta Sutta: To Vacchagotta on Fire

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