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Dhamma Questions answered:

Question 59: Do you know if the Buddha did any talks on the conception of time?
What exactly were the Buddha's thoughts on the time and space continuum?

Question 60: In the Mahayana tradition there are many Buddhas e.g. Amitabha,
Avalokiteswara etc. Are these 'types of Buddhas' genuine or fiction?

Question 61: Is it possible to awaken as Arahant meditating only on lovingkindness
or are other meditation techniques also necessary?

Question 62: Are the amount of bad kamma of killing a person, who don't keep
the 5 precepts, and one who do indeed respect the 5 precepts, the same?

Question 63: Is the bad kamma of killing a mosquito and an Elephant the same?

Question 64: How does the Buddha-Dhamma vanish from this world?

On Clinging:

Pictures of the SpaceTime Onion:

Picture of Quantized Planck-Time Blinking Many-Worlds:

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