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Audio Dhamma

Dhamma on Air #30 Audio


Dhamma on Air #30: Right Speech and Stream Entry


Corresponding Video:

Discrete Consciousness =~ Discrete Space-time =~ Causal Sets

Dhamma Questions answered:

Question 85:
Venerable Sir, whenever I go I always hear rude and offensive language,
at home, at school, at the mall. Unfortunately this rude and offensive language
hangs on in my mind, and then my mind feels very dirty, bad, evil, and weak.
How not to think in offensive language although I do not say it verbally?

Question 86: I have read that Venerable Monks and Nuns are not allowed
to use or accept money, since that is against the monastic discipline they obey.
Please clarify this issue.

Question 87: What about when the Buddha foretold about King Pasenadis
dreams is that being a "fortune-teller" or dependent upon "astrology"
Is that right livelihood for a monastic?

Question 88:
I remembered that I forgot to pay $5 for locker hire at a previous high school.
I emailed the high school to pay back the $5 I promised to pay at the time.
They said "Thanks very much but you don’t need to pay."
Venerable Monk, would you call this situation a act of stealing?

Question 89:
How to advert one's attention to the non-local aspect of individual consciousness?

What is Right Speech:

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