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Audio Dhamma

Dhamma on Air #31 Audio


Dhamma Questions answered:

Question 90:
a: Is practicing martial arts yourself breaking the first precept not to kill?
b: What about martial arts teachers showing others how to harm?

Question 91:
a: Is there a difference in generosity when giving from oneself (donations, etc..)
or when someone asks for money? Difference is the sense of merit, or other...
b: What about loaning money? Generally it seems and uncomfortable when
the loaner cannot later pay back. Please share your thoughts on this.

Question 92: When a lay person is seriously following the Noble Eight Fold Path,
a) Does his inclination or appetite for worldly targets or achievements gradually decrease?
b) If yes how does he find motivation to remain engaged in his job related matters,
most of which nowadays are driven by craving to achieve more and more worldly gains.
c) When one is progressing on the spiritual path one is getting enough fulfillment
which is more refined in nature and is therefore losing motivation for worldly things
which now is understood as irrelevant for that person. Is it so?

Question 93: How to overcome mental distractions and thought noise?

Question 94: Why each Buddha has to rediscover the path of enlightenment every time
and why can't the predecessor Buddha give his knowledge to successor Buddha?

The Buddha on the Searches of life:

The Removal of Distractions: Majjhima 20

The Removal of Distracting Thoughts: Full text and commentary by the late Soma Thera is here:

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