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Audio Dhamma

Dhamma on Air #32 Audio


Dhamma on Air Audio #32: The 7 Sets = The 37 wings to Awakening..


Dhamma Questions answered:

Q95: Venerable Sir, for the benefit of Devas and Humans, can you please talk about the
37 wings to Awakening, and the benefits they give anyone, who cultivates them?

Q96: In Asia there is a "hungry ghost festival" in the 7th lunar month, where one of filial piety
to help one's deceased mother and father offer food to the Sangha, so if they have been
reborn in hungry ghost Peta realm, then they would gain a better rebirth next time.
Is that in accordance with the Dhamma, or is it blind superstition?

Q97: Is working at a cafe that stocks meat products wrong livelihood?

Q98: Where does the visual consciousness arise: In the cornea, lens or retina?

Q99: If unaware of their ego would people then not pay attention to others?
Or is this ignorance?

The 7 Sets, which produce Enlightenment:

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