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Audio Dhamma

Delight versus Danger


Delight versus Danger


Dhamma on Air #73:

Corresponding Video:

Mini-2-day-meditation-course: @ 11:52

Simile of Great Bonfire: @ 15:16
The Connected Discourses of the Buddha: Samyutta Nikaya SN 12-52
The book of Causation (Nibdana Samyutta)

Question 217: @ 32:32
Why did the Jhanas not purify Devadatta's mind?
Was his meditation practice in vain?

Question 218: @ 38:40
How to estimate a fair price in accordance with the Dhamma?
What is the kammic cause of being rich?
What is the kammic cause of being poor?

Question 219: @ 43:00
How does one purify negative kamma created in the past?

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