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Audio Dhamma

The Surge of Urge


DoA #75: The Surge of Urge


Corresponding Video:

Simile of the Surge: @ 5:02
Source txt: The Connected Discourses of the Buddha: Samyutta Nikaya SN 12:69
The Chapter on the Causation (Nidana-Samyutta): The Surge

Question 223: Minor-Stream Entry @ 14:26
A: Is it impossible for a cula-sotapanna to die without becoming sotapanna in the same life?
B: What constitutes cula-sotapannaship, and how to attain it?
C: How do you know when you have reached the cula-sotapanna stage?

Venerable Sayadaw Dr. U Sunanda: The Cula Sotapanna

Question 224: @ 23:44
Are the mental perfections (paramis) permanent, or are they also transient, as everything else?

On these 10 mental Perfections (The 10 Parami = Paramitas):

Question 225: @ 29:06
What are Nagas, (dragons), and where is the Naga Loka in the 31 planes of existence located?

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