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Audio Dhamma

The 7 links to Enlightenment


DoA_#82: The 7 links to Enlightenment


Corresponding video

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Lotus Offering: @ 11:56

Meditation-Hall (Bhavana-Sala) Construction: @ 13:33

Question 244: @ 18:49
A: How does the Stream-Enterer (Sotapanna) know this attainment for sure?
B: When the 3 fetters (samyoyana) is eliminated? Teacher declares it?

The 5 Minor Fetters (Samyojana):

Question 245: @ 42:41
What about a person who has grossly & numerously broken the precepts,
but then living virtuously and devoted to the Dhamma the rest of his life?

Question 246: @ 48:47
Does thinking and intending accumulate future kammic effects? Dreaming?

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