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Audio Dhamma

Guided Meditation on Food Disgust


On How to Cure Over-eating and Obesity!


Corresponding Video: VLOG #17- Seeing Disgust in Food

3 million human beings die yearly from overweight, and obesity…!

This classic early Buddhist meditation method can cure that tragic
consequence of uncontrolled greed for sweet, sour and bitter taste, and soft,
juicy and crunchy touch on the tongue. Over-eating, Binge Eating Disorder,
Bulimia, need not be an epidemic on the rise ...Currently more than 2.1 billion
adults, a third of world!, and 380 million children is overweight or obese.
Obesity is preventable... Seeing Disgust in Food is the Method!

Thanx for your Advantageous Attention,
Clever Consideration, and Kind Contribution.

Thanx to all to Dayakas, Supporters, and Donors.

Have a Nice and Noble day!

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