The Good & Beautiful Friend (Kalyanamitta):

The friend, who is a helpmate,
The friend in both happiness and woe,
The friend, who gives good counsel,
The friend, who sympathizes too --
These four as friends the wise behold
and cherish devotedly as does
a mother her own child.
Digha Nikāya 31

Who is hospitable, and friendly,
Tolerant, generous and unselfish,
A guide, an instructor, a leader,
Such a one to honour may attain.
Digha Nikāya 31

One is not intelligent just
because one speaks much!
He who is peaceable,
friendly & fearless,
is called wise.
Dhammapada 258

If you find a wise and clever friend
who leads a good and pure noble life,
you should, overcoming all obstacles,
keep his company joyously and aware!
Dhammapada 328

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Updated: 27 Mar 2015