The 6 Things Uniting in Harmony to be Remembered:

The Blessed Buddha once said:

These six things are to be remembered in order to Unite any Community in Harmony:
Which six?
1: Friendly Behaviour (metta-kaya-kamma =friendly bodily action) both in public and in private.
2: Friendly Speech (metta-vaci-kamma =friendly verbal action) both in public and in private.
3: Friendly Thought (metta-mano-kamma =friendly mental action) both in public and in private.
4: Sharing of Gains (sadharana-bhogi =common wealth) even down to any single lump of food.
5: Moral Agreement (sila-samannagato =uniform morality): All respect the same ethical rules.
6: Same Views (ditthi-samannagato =similar attitude): All share the same general views and opinions.
These 6 things are to be considered and remembered both for individual and for social Harmony...

So that we can sleep with open doors, and dance with the children in our arms :-)

Metta Meditation As streaming audio and mp3 download:

On Harmony: Unique_Unity, Milk_and_Water

Source (edited extract):
The Numerical Sayings of the Buddha. Anguttara Nikāya.
The Book of Sixes 11: To be Remembered... [III: 288-9]

United in Harmony :-)

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Updated: 19 Jun 2015