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Drop of Dhamma Delight!


Release of Mind by All Embracing Kindness!

Thus have I heard the Blessed Buddha saying it:

Whatever, Bhikkhus and Friends, there are here of worldly merit making,
all these are not worth 1/16 of mental release by All-Embracing Kindness...
The release of mind by all-embracing kindness radiates, emanates and shines,
far surpassing it all! Like the light of the stars is not 1/16th of the moonlight,
which radiates, beams and shines, surpassing all the stars, even & exactly so:
Whatever there are of simple worldly and meritorious things, all these are not
worth one 1/16th of the mental release reached by All-Embracing Kindness...
The release of mind by all-embracing kindness radiates, beams, sparkles and
shines, far surpassing it all... Just as in autumn, in the last month of the rainy
season, on a clear and cloudless day the sun rises and dispels all the darkness
bright and brilliant, even & quite exactly so: Whatever there are of worldly,
meritorious, admirable, and attractive things, all these even summed up are
not worth even one 1/16 of the release of mind by All-Embracing Kindness!
The release of mind, which liberates the heart, by All-Embracing Kindness,
radiates, dazzles and shines, far surpassing them all...

Video on Mettā  Meditation on Friendliness:
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All-Embracing, Universal and Infinite Kindness Dazzles and Shines!

Source Text: The Itivuttaka 27: Thus was it said:

Blazing and Bright is Release by Friendliness!

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