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Establishing the 4 Foundations of Awareness!

What are the 4 Foundations of Awareness?

1: Seeing the Body as a Foul Frame:
While always acutely alert and clearly comprehending, thus removing
any lust, urge, envy, frustration and discontent rooted in this world,
the intelligent Bhikkhu keeps contemplating and regarding any and all
Body as an alien frame of filthy and foul form... As something bound
to emerge, decay and vanish... Neither as me, mine, nor belonging to me,
nor as 'what I am', nor as a manifested representation of 'myself'!
Neither as lasting, stable, or safety! Nor as pleasant beauty and pride!

2: Regarding any Feeling as a Annoying Reaction:
The intelligent Bhikkhu keeps contemplating and regarding any and all
Feeling as a remote ever recurring reactivity... As something bound
to arise, decay, and fade away! Not as mine, felt by me, nor belonging
to me, nor as what 'I am', nor as something felt by my very self!
Neither as lasting, stable, or safe! Nor as ever pleasure, and only bliss!

3: Noticing Mind just as passing moods:
The intelligent Bhikkhu keeps contemplating, and regarding any and all
Mind as a habituated set of bizarre mentalities of a weird nature,
that appears, dwindles, flutters, and flickers... Neither as something
that 'I am', nor as a part of 'me', nor making up 'my ego' or 'my self'!
Neither as lasting, stable, or ever same! Not as fascinating! Not as soul!

4: Knowing Phenomena as only momentary appearances:
The intelligent Bhikkhu keeps contemplating and regarding any and all
Phenomena as mentally constructed appearances of momentary
manifestation always ending right where they emerged. Not as mine,
belonging to me, or any self! Not as something lasting, stable, or real!
Not as existent, enduring, substantial, material, absolute. or authentic!

The 4 Great Frames of Reference!

This is the fourfold Foundation of Awareness...! This - only this -
is the sole way to the purification of beings! Why is it actually so?
It is an indispensable support for a presence, that has to stand near!
It has to be made manifest, to be of service as a guarding activity!
It has to be established, as a continuous dominance of comprehension!
It is essential, and absolutely necessary for optimizing any behaviour!
It is a crucially needed key, imperative for preventing all mistakes!
It is a vitally fundamental prerequisite for guidance, and self-control!
It is the only thing, that can overcome relapses of careless neglect!
When not aware of what one is doing, serious mistakes is inevitable!  

Details On Four Foundations of Awareness (Satipatthāna):

The 4 Foundations of Awareness..

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