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Craving causes Conflict and Competition!

The Blessed Buddha once said:
Truly, caused by craving for sense pleasure, conditioned by craving for simple sense
pleasure, propelled by craving for sense pleasure, wholly induced by yearning for sense
pleasure, kings fight with kings, princes with princes, priests with priests, citizens with
citizens and the mother quarrels with the son, the son with the mother, the father with
the son, the son with the father; brother quarrels with brother, brother with sister,
sister with brother, and friend brawl with friend! Thus, pushed into conflict, quarrelling,
and fighting, they readily attack each other with fists and weapons, thereby suffering
both pain and death! Furthermore, caused by craving for plain sense pleasure, conditioned
by urge for simple sense pleasure, propelled by desire for sense pleasure, wholly induced
by craving for sense pleasure, burglars break into houses, rob, plunder, steal from friends,
commit highway robbery, and seduce the wives of others. Then the rulers have such people
caught and inflict upon them various forms of punishment. Thereby they meet deadly pain,
or even death. Such is the misery of craving for sense pleasure, accumulation of pain and
suffering in this present life, caused, initiated, prepared and entirely dependent upon
this evil yearning for sense pleasure! Finally: Beings engage in evil mental, verbal and bodily
behaviour; as a consequence of that, at breakup of the body, right after death, they are
whirled into the downfall, and re-arise in a state of misery, in an unhappy destination, even
in the abyss of one of the many inferno hells... Such also is the misery of craving for sense
pleasure: Accumulation of suffering in the future life, entirely due to craving for low pleasure,
created by craving for pleasure, caused by craving for pleasure, utterly dependent on this
malign sense pleasure craving.
Majjhima Nikāya 13...


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