Kamma?, Rebirth? and Magic?

A friend asked some good questions:

1. How does Buddhism explain Rebirth?
Answer: Please see here on rebirth linking:

Reincarnation Research

2. Please explain me about "Law of Kamma".
Answer: Please see here on intentional Action = Kamma & resulting effects (vipāka):

Documentary on Near-Death Experiences (NDE):
Light, Love and Life after Life...

On Rebirth from an Early Buddhist Perspective:

3. Do Buddhist believe in magic?
Answer: There is just cause and effect.
Some causes are very rare. Some effects are thus also very rare.
Since so rare, these phenomena are often considered as 'Magic' or 'Mystic'
However, they are only real and natural, but just seldom seen.


 Kamma, Rebirth and Magic?

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Updated: 20 December 2016