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Drop of Dhamma Delight!


What is Wrong: Mind or the World?

Is the world wrong? No, the world is just as it is: Always a changing misery!
Are the other people wrong? No, there is just greed, hate, and ignorance...
Is the society wrong? No, the kammic cause and effect is perfectly just and fair!
Is you yourself wrong? No, since there are just passing mental and material states...

What then is Wrong?
The aversive mind  opposing and rejecting some reals, while accepting others is wrong!
This stubbornly defying mind defends a rigid stand, and fight against any present reality...
Why is this resisting combat mind wrong? Because however much it clashes with both 
the internal and external faults, it cannot ever cure them... Rather they grow stronger!
Opposition simply does not help anything at all! Rather it aggravates all the problems... 

What then is the specific cure for such opposing, antagonistic, bothered and irritated mind?
Daily Meditation on Universal Friendliness softens up this tense, and exasperated mind:

Cultivation of Boundless Pity equips the mind with tolerance, patience, and forbearance:

Rejoicing in Mutual Joy elevates, exalts, and satisfies this frustrated, and irked mind:


Remaining unperturbed in well ballanced Equanimity enables first stability, then peace:

World is Mind..