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1. Anoma.Birth-city of Vessabhū (see Anopama).

2. Anoma. A mountain near Himavā. Ap.ii.345.

3. Anoma. A pleasaunce in Khema where Tissa Buddha was born. BuA.188.

4. Anoma.An ascetic of great power, who lived in the time of Piyadassī Buddha. He gave a jewelled chain to the Buddha and offered him a meal of fruit. In the present age he became Hemaka Thera. Ap.ii.351-4.

5. Anoma. A king of Jambudīpa, fifty kappas ago; a previous birth of Bakkula Thera. Ap.i.329. v.l. Aranemi.

6. Anoma. A township in the time of Sumana Buddha; the residence of Anupamā, who offered the Buddha a meal of milk-rice. BuA.125.

7. Anoma.One of the two chief disciples of Anomadassī Buddha. J. i.36; BuA.145; DhA.i.88ff. The Bu (viii.22) calls him Asoka.

He preached to Sarada-tāpasa on the occasion when the latter made up his mind to become an aggasāvaka himself.

8. Anoma. The personal attendant of Sobhita Buddha. J. i.35; BuA.140; The Bu. (vii. 21) calls him Anuma.

9. Anoma.An Ājīvaka who gave grass to Anomadassī for his seat. BuA.142.

10. Anoma. The city in whose park Atthadassī preached his first sermon. Bu.xv.18.

11. Anoma. The birth-city of Piyadassī Buddha, and capital of King Sudinna. J. i.39. According to the Bu. (xiv. 15) it was called Sudhañña.

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