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  • Cakka Sutta/Vagga

1. Cakka Sutta. On the four wheels that lead to prosperity: dwelling in fit places, association with the good, perfect self adjustment (attasammāpanidhi) and merit done aforetime. A.ii.32 f.; D.iii.276; cf. Mangala Sutta.

2. Cakka Sutta. A king who knows the good (attha) dhamma, the measure (matta), the season (kāla), and the nature of his assemblies (parisā) wields dominion that cannot be wrested from him. A Buddha's dominion is also the same. A.iii.147f.

Cakka Vagga. The fourth chapter of the Catukka Nipāta of the Anguttara Nikāya. A.ii.32-44.

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