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  • Cara (Sutta/Vagga)

1. Cara, Caraka.One of the successors of Mahā Sammata and a member of the Sākya tribe. He had a son named Upacara.

Mhv.ii.2; Dpv. iii.5; DA.i.258; J. iii.454; SnA.i.352.

2. Cara. A Yakkha chieftain to be invoked by followers of the Buddha in times of need. D.iii.205; the P.T.S. edition calls him Mānicara as does the P.T.S. edition of the commentary (D.iii.970); but the Sinhalese edition, both text and commentary, divides this name into two thus: Māni and Cara.

Cara Vagga. The second chapter of the Catukka Nipāta of the Anguttara Nikāya. A.ii.13ff

Cara Sutta. In every posture one must strive ardently and scrupulously against lustful, malevolent and injuring thoughts. A.ii.13; found also in Itivuttaka, 115.

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