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  • Cūlani-Brahmadatta

King of Uttarapañcāla, in the country of Kampilla. His chaplain was Kevatta. For their story see the Mahā Ummagga Jātaka.

Cūlani is identified with Sāriputta (J.vi.478). He is also called Cūlaniya (J.vi.437, 477) and Cūlaneyya (J.vi.437).

The Petavatthu (Pv.ii.13; PvA.160ff ) contains a story of a queen of Cūlani-Brahmadatta called Ubbarī, whom he discovered while wandering about in his kingdom disguised as a tailor. Here the king is also referred to as Cūlaniputta (vs.8.9), and the scholiast explains (PvA.164) that Cūlani was his father's name; it is said (Pv.ii.13, vs.9, 10) that there were innumerable kings of Pañcāla bearing that name.

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