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  • Kesava

1. Kesava. An ascetic in Himavā. His story is given in the Kesava Jātaka. He is identified with Baka Brahmā (J.iii.145; S. i.144; SA.i.165; MA.i.555). He is sometimes addressed as Kesi. E.g., J. iii.144, 362.

2. Kesava. An Ascetic, also called Nārada. He saw the Buddha Atthadassī and paid him homage. He was a previous birth of Pavittha Thera, who is evidently identical with Ekadamsaniya. Ap.i.168; ThagA.i.185.

3. Kesava. Another name for Vāsudeva (q.v.). It is said that he was so called on account of his beautiful hair (kesasobhanatāya). J.iv.84; PvA.94.

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