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  • Nāga

1. Nāga

An eminent Thera of Ceylon, a teacher of the Vinaya. Vin.v.3.

2. Nāga

Third of the ten sons of Mutasīva, and therefore a brother of Devānampiyatissa. Dpv. xi.6; xvii.75.

3. Nāga

A thera of Ceylon during the pillage by Brahmans Tissa. His sister was an arahant theri named Nāgā (q.v.). For their story see MA.i.546f.; AA.ii.654f.

4. Nāga

An Elder of Kāraliyagiri in Ceylon. For eighteen years he gave up teaching the Dhamma, but later he taught the Dhātukathā, and his memory of the contents was perfect. Vsm.96.

5. Nāga

See Coranāga, Mahānāga, etc.

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