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  • Nanda Vagga/Sutta

Nanda Vagga

The third chapter of the Udana. Ud.21 33.

1. Nanda Sutta

Nanda devaputta visits the Buddha and recites a stanza to the effect that men should acquire merit in order to obtain bliss. The Buddha tells him that men should rather aspire to final peace. S. i.62; cp. S. i.2, where the same verses are given.

2. Nanda Sutta

Records the incident of the chiding of Nanda Thera (see Nanda 1) by the Buddha for wearing attractive robes and painting his eyes. S.ii.281.

3. Nanda Sutta

The Buddha relates how Nanda Thera is eminent in his restraint of the senses, his moderation in food, his wakefulness and his mindfulness. A.iv.166ff.

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