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  • Nātha

1. Nātha

Called Adhikāri, a general of King Mānābharana. Cv.lxx.298; lxxii.123, 126.

2. Nātha

Called Nātha Lankāgiri. A general of King Mānābharana, killed in battle (Cv.lxxii.124f).

3. Nātha Nagaragiri

General of Parakkamabāhu I. He held the title of Sankhanāyaka. Cv.lxx.318; lxxii.31, 107 ; lxxv.76.

Nātha Vagga

The second chapter of the Dasaka Nipata of the Anguttara Nikaya. A.v.15 32.

Nātha Sutta

Two suttas on the qualities which give protection to a monk: virtue, learning, good friends, affability, skill in performance of duties, fondness for truth, energy, contentment, mindfulness, wisdom. A.v.23f. 26f.

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