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  • Sangāmāvacara Jātaka (No. 182)

The Bodhisatta was once a skilled elephant trainer. The king, in whose service he was, attacked Benares, riding the state elephant; but the elephant was so soared by the missiles and noise that he would not approach the place. Thereupon his trainer encouraged him, telling him that he should feel at home on the battlefield, and the elephant, impressed by his words, broke down all obstacles and achieved victory for his master.

The story was told in reference to the Buddha's step brother Nanda (q..v), who, at first, kept the precepts of the Order, because the Buddha had promised to get for him the dove footed nymphs (kakutapādiniyo) of Sakka's heaven; but later, moved by Sāriputta's words, he put forth effort and attained arahantship. Nanda was the elephant and Ananda the king. J. ii.92 5.

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