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  • Ujjaya Sutta

1. Ujjaya Sutta. Records the questions asked by the brahmin Ujjaya regarding sacrifice, and the Buddha's answer. See above Ujjaya 3. A.ii.42.

2. Ujjaya Sutta. Ujjaya's request to the Buddha (referred to above under Ujjaya 3) for a teaching which would bring him welfare in both worlds and the Buddha's reply thereto, detailing four qualities which would bring prosperity in this world - the accomplishments of exertion (utthānasampādā), and of protection (ārakkhasampadā), friendship with the good (kalyānamittatā), and regular living (samajīvitā) - and four others for bringing happiness in the next - viz., the four sampadā (accomplishments) of sīla (morality), citta (concentration and meditation), cāga (generosity), and paññā (higher wisdom). A.iv.285-9.

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