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  • Upakkilesa Sutta

1. Upakkilesa Sutta.Preached at Pācīnavamsadāya to Anuruddha, Nandiya and Kimbila. It was at the time of the quarrel of the Kosambī monks; the Buddha, in search of quietness, goes to Bālakalonaka, preaches there to Bhagu and proceeds to Pācīnavamsadāya, where he tells his cousins how they should develop meditation, getting rid of all obstacles. M.iii.152ff. The verses of the sutta are also found in the Vinaya version (i.349ff). Some of the verses are included in the Dhammapada (vv.328-30) and in the Khaggavisāna Butts of the Sutta Nipāta (vv.11, 12).

2. Upakkilesa Sutta.Gold ore must be purified from all its dross before it can be used for making ornaments, etc.; similarly, the mind must be freed from its impurities - the five nīvaranas - before it can be used for acquiring the higher knowledge (A.iii.16-19).

3. Upakkilesa Sutta.Four things prevent the sun and the moon from shining with their full brilliance - clouds, mist, smoke and dust and Rāhu. Similarly four things diminish the holiness of ascetics and recluses - intoxicants, sex, money and wrong livelihood (A.ii.53f).

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