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  • Uparevata

1. Uparevata. A sāmanera, son of Padumuttara Buddha. It was the sight of this novice which made Rāhula, then born as the Nāga-king Sankha, wish to become a Buddha's son (SnA.i.340; MA.ii.722). According to the Buddhavamsa (xi.21), however, Padumuttara's son was called Uttara. Uparevata, though very young in years (tarunalalitadāraka), was possessed of great iddhi-powers and the Nāga-king was greatly impressed by him (AA.i.142f. Here the nāga king is called Pathayindhara).

2. Uparevata. Nephew of Sāriputta. When Sāriputta went to Nālaka on his last visit, in order to die there, Uparevata saw him outside the village, seated under a banyan tree. He was asked to announce Sāriputta's arrival to the latter's mother, and to make preparations for accommodating Sāriputta's five hundred followers (DA.ii.551; SA.iii.175).

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