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Upasālha Jātaka (No. 166)

Preached to Upasālha. The story of the past is that of a brahmin Upasālhaka (identified with Upasālha). He instructed his son that after death he should be burnt in a cemetery unpolluted by the presence of outcasts. While descending Gijjhakūta, having ascended the mountain in order to find such a spot, they met the Bodhisatta, who was a holy ascetic, possessed of various attainments and mystic powers. When the Bodhisatta had heard their story, he revealed to them that on that very same spot Upasālha had been burnt fourteen thousand times, and preached to them the way of deathlessness (J.ii.54ff).

The Upasālhaka Jātaka was preached by the Buddha to the novice Vanavāsī-Tissa when the Buddha visited him in his forest solitude. DhA.ii.99.

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