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  • Uppala

1. Uppala. A Pacceka Buddha mentioned in the Isigili Sutta. M.iii.70.

2. Uppala. One of the yakkhas who guarded Jotiya's palace. He had two thousand followers. DhA.iv.209.

3. Uppala. Father of the warrior Ummāda-Phussadeva. Mhv.xxiii.82.

4. Uppala (Uppalaka). A Niraya (S.i.152; Sn.p.126). Buddhaghosa says (SnA.ii.476f; see also A.v.173), however, that it is not a special hell, but the name of a period of suffering in hell.

5. Uppala. One of the treasure-troves that rose up from the earth on the day of the Bodhisatta's birth. It was three gāvutas in extent. DA.i.284.

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