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  • Uraga Vagga/Sutta

1. Uraga Vagga. The first chapter of the Sutta Nipāta. It consists of twelve suttas. Sn.1ff.

2. Uraga Vagga. The first section of the Peta-Vatthu. The last story in the section is called Uraga Peta-Vatthu. Pv., p.11.

Uraga Sutta. The first sutta of the Sutta Nipāta. It was preached at the Aggālava Cetiya in Ālavī. The Ālavaka monks cut down trees to build new houses for themselves, and one of them in felling a tree which was the abode of a tree-sprite hurt her child's hand. Though sorely tempted to kill the monk on the spot, the sprite checked herself and made complaint to the Buddha, who asked her to occupy another tree (SnA.i.3f; the story is also given in Vin.iv.34 and in DhA.iii.229f). The first stanza of the sutta was preached to the devatā. The Sutta-Nipāta Commentary (SnA.i.15ff) gives the occasions on which the other stanzas were preached. Buddhaghosa says (Sp.iv.761) that the devatā mentioned above took up her residence in Jetavana, on a spot indicated to her by the Buddha, and had, therefore, the privilege of listening to the Buddha's sermons at close quarters, even when there were great assemblies of the devas present and less powerful devas, like herself, had generally to yield place to the more powerful. She could not be dislodged from the place appointed to her by the Buddha.

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