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1. Usabha Thera. An arahant. He was born of a wealthy family in Kosala and entered the Order, when the Buddha accepted Jetavana. Finishing his novitiate, he dwelt amidst the mountains. Going out one day from his cave after the rains, he saw the loveliness of the woods and mountains and reflected, "These trees and creepers, though unconscious, yet by the season's fulfilment, have won full growth. Why should not I, who have obtained suitable season, win growth by good qualities?" Pondering thus, he strove and obtained insight (Thag.v.110; ThagA.i.217f).

In the time of Sikhī Buddha, be was a devaputta and offered flowers to the Buddha, which remained as a canopy over the Buddha's head for seven days. Ten kappas ago be was a king named Jutindhara. He is evidently to be identified with Mandāravapūjaka of the Apadāna. Ap.i.178.

2. Usabha. He was born of a Sākyan family in Kapilavatthu. When the Buddha visited his family, Usabha saw his power and wisdom and entered the Order. But he fulfilled no religious duties, passing the day in society and the night in sleep. One night he dreamt that he shaved, put on a crimson cloak, and, sitting on a elephant, entered the town for alms. There, seeing the people gathered together, he dismounted, full of shame. Filled with anguish at the thought of his own muddleheaded ness, he strove after insight and became an arahant (Thag.197-8; ThagA.i.319f).

In the time of Sikhī Buddha he was a householder and gave to the Buddha a kosamba-fruit. He is evidently identical with Kosambaphaliya of the Apadāna. Ap.ii.449.

3. Usabha. A Pacceka Buddha, mentioned in the Isigili Sutta. M.iii.70.

4. Usabha. A setthi of Kālacampā, father of Sona Kolvisa (AA.i.131; ThagA.i.544).

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