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  • vatta

  • 1. 'round',

  • 2. 'round of rebirths'.

(1) With reference to the dependent origination (paticcasamuppāda), Vis.M. XVII speaks of 3 rounds:

  • the karma round (kamma-vatta) comprising the karma-constructions and the karma process (2nd and 10th links);

  • the round of defilements (kilesa-vatta) comprising ignorance, craving and clinging (1st, 8th and 9th links);

  • the round of results (vipāka-vatta) comprising consciousness, mind and materiality, 6 bases, contact, feeling (3rd-7th links).

Cf. paticcasamuppāda (diagram).

(2) round of rebirth = samsāra.

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