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Acknowledgements & Appreciations:

The following Good Dhamma Friends (Kalyãna-Mittas)  have all provided
Support by Generous Donation or Help to the DhammaDhara Foundation

J.C.K.W. from Tregunter Tower, Hong Kong.
r. U.W. from Sri  Lanka, and Linde Alle, Albertslund, Denmark.

Mr. A.C. from Falcons Close, Biggin Hill, Kent, United Kingdom.
Mrs. A.K.M.S. and Mr. P.S. from Dubai Festival City, United Arab Emirates.
Mr. P.D., Mrs. D.N.K., and Family from Sri Lanka, and Golders Green, London, England.

Mrs. G.B. from Heartwood Dr., Concord, California, United States.
Mr. G.F. from Linke Wienzeile, Wien, Austria.
J.Y.Z. from 63rd Street Brooklyn, New York, United States.
Mr. N.J. from Ffordd Owain, Brymbo, Wrexham, United Kingdom.
Mr. M.U. from Sri Lanka, and Marina Diamond, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Mr. P.A. from Raura, Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh, India.
Mr. A.D. from Curry Dr. Killeen, Texas, United States.

K.W. from Iwakawa, Meguro-ku Ookayama, Tokyo, Japan.
Mr. D.L and Mrs. C.L. from Sri Lanka and Oriental Road, Woking, Surrey, United Kingdom.

Mrs. V.J. from Sri Lanka & Birkerød, Denmark.
Mr. T.R. and Family from Østerbro, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Mrs. D.T  Ekom Beach Rd, Laurens, South Carolina United States.
S.M. from The Linkway, Barnet, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom.
Mr. J.T.T. from Netherlands, Amsterdam.
Mrs. M.H. from Cove Cay Dr., Clearwater, Florida, United States.
Mr. A.U. from Caxton Rd., London, United Kingdom.
Mr. K.T. from Spadina Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Mr. L. M. from Barry Court, Grovedale, Victoria, Australia.
Mr. B.T from Tioga Ave, San Francisco, California, United States.
S.A from Ray St. Black Earth, Wisconsin, United States.
T.S. from Halstead Ave. Harrison, New York, United States.

Mr. C.B. and Mrs. S.N. from Filamina Place, Santa Rosa, California, United States.
Mr. M.D.R. from East Street, New York, United States.
Mr. A.Q. from Seafield Place, Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand.
S. from Kay N.E., Salem, Oregon, United States.
J.W. from Hans Drive-Markham, Ontario, Canada.
Mr. M.H. from the Beach Street, Deal, Kent, UK.
Mrs. S.D. from Millenium City, Aturugiriya, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
Mr. E.W. from Llangollen Lane, Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, United States.
Mr. S.S. from the UK.
V.V. from Beattie Ave., London, Ontario, Canada.
C.H. from Hulangamuwa, Matale, Sri Lanka.
Hr. N.B. from Kaervangen, Gentofte, Denmark.
Mr. A.R. from Nyandi Court, Thornlie, Western Australia

Mrs. N.R.S. from Dumfries Road, Manassas, Virginia, United States.
Mr. B.M. from Regent Street, Parkside, Australia.
T.T.D. from Stockton-on-Tees, Cleveland, United Kingdom.
Mr. R.W. from Murray Street, Clayton, Victoria, Australia.

Mr. K.W. from Sri Lanka, and Joyofuru fortune-Nozoe Gokasho, Japan.
Mr. R.K. from Stanley Street, Chatswood, New South Wales, Australia.
Mr. P.K. from Hagerty Hall, Fallis Rd., Columbus, Ohio, United States.
 Penang Sasana Group 2017, Malaysia.
Mr. J.B. from Main St., Tappan, New Your, United States.

Mr. M.M. from Cypress Dr., Little River, South Carolina, United States.
I.V. from Botany Rd., Rosebery, NSW., Australia.
Mr. J.D. from Schwarmstedter Str., Hannover, Germany.

I-Healthy from the World.
Mrs. S.E.S. from Austin Drive, Hamilton, Canada.

Mr. A.U.U. from Japan and Sri Lanka.
O.A. from the World.
Mr A.F. from Montreal, Canada.
Mr. C.M. from Peradeniya, Kandy, Sri Lanka.

Mr. P.M. from Lane Negombo Road, Kurunegala, Sri Lanka.
I.S. from Ichtegemstraat, Koekelare, Belgium.
Mrs. L.O. from Strathearn Rd. Leura, New South Wales, Australia.
J.H. from Snellmaninkatu, Kuopio, Pohjois-Savo, Finland.
Mr. R.D. from Dufferin, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Mr. C.M. from Peradeniya, Kandy, Sri Lanka.
Mss. R.E. from Prospect Av., Meriden, Connecticut, United States.
Mr. G.W. from the World.
Mr. S.S.J. from Cottage Garden Drive, Germantown, Maryland, United States.
W.W. from USA and Indonesia.
Hr. G.K. from Svarvstensvägen, Hisings Kärra, Sweden.
Mr. P.S. from Vershire Riding School Road, Vermont, United States.
S.B. from Edward Road, Harrow, Middlesex, United Kingdom.
L.K. from Ulysses Dr. Roaring Brook, Pennsylvania, United States.

K.R. from France
L.K. from the World.
Mss. C.A. from Ryesgade, København Ø, Denmark.
S. from the World.
C.F. from Csertő Park, Budapest, Hungary.
J.K from Sasasa, Karnataka, India.
W.H. from Belmont Rise, Sutton, Surrey, United Kingdom.
B.G. from Daven Drive, Hopkinsville, Kentucky, United States.
M.P. from Chesterton Close, Chantry, Ipswich, Suffolk, United Kingdom.
A.S.M from Jalan Wong Kwai Kee, Taman Pertama, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
L.T.K from Jalan Gambus, Taman, Desawan, Klang, Selangor, Malaysia.

J.P. from Murwillumbah, New South Wales, Australia.
S.H. from Heron Cay Ct. Sneads Ferry, North Carolina, United States.
S.C. from the World.
Mr. J.G. from Douglas Ave., Springfield, Ohio, United States.
Ms. M.S.H. from Acueducto Rio Hondo, Lomas Virreyes, Mexico.
N.P.4.U. from Ethel Ave., North Hollywood, California, United States.
Mr. W.J. from the The Kandy Samadhi Centre, Kukul Oya, Kandy, Sri Lanka.
Mr. S.E. from Carnamena Avenue, Belfast, United Kingdom.
Mr. D.F.W. from Frederikshavn, Denmark.
Mr. S.P from Lê Lai, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Mrs. M.P. from the World.
Mr. M.L. from the World.