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Verse 98: The Story of Thera Revata

While residing at the Jetavana monastery, the Buddha uttered Verse (98) of this book, with
reference to Thera Revata of the Acacia (khadira) Forest.

Revata was the youngest brother of the Chief Disciple Sariputta. He was the only one of the
brothers and sisters of Sariputta, who had not left home for the homeless life. His parents
were very anxious to get him married. Revata was only seven years old, when his parents
arranged a marriage for him to a young girl. At the wedding reception, he met an old lady who
was one hundred and twenty years old, and he realized that all beings are subject to ageing
and decay. So, he ran away from the house and went straight to a monastery, where there
were thirty Bhikkhus. Those Bhikkhus had been requested earlier by Thera Sariputta to make
his brother a samanera if he should come to them. Accordingly, he was made a samanera and
Thera Sariputta was informed about it.

Samanera Revata took a subject of meditation from those Bhikkhus, and left for an acacia
forest, thirty yojanas away from the monastery. At the end of the rains retreat, the samanera
attained Arahatship. Thera Sariputta then asked permission from the Buddha to visit his
brother, but the Buddha replied that he himself would go there. So the Buddha accompanied by
Thera Sariputta, Thera Sivali and five hundred other Bhikkhus set out to visit Samanera

The journey was long, the road was rough and the area was uninhabited by people; but the
devas looked to all the needs of the Buddha and the Bhikkhus on the way. At an interval of
every yojana, a monastery and food were provided, and they travelled at the rate of a yojana
a day. Revata, learning about the visit of the Buddha, also made arrangements to welcome him.
By supernormal power he created a special monastery for the Buddha and five hundred
monasteries for the other Bhikkhus, and made them comfortable throughout their stay there.

On their return journey, they travelled at the same rate as before, and came to the
Pubbarama monastery on the eastern end of Savatthi at the end of the month. From there,
they went to the house of Visakha, who offered them alms-food. After the meal, Visakha
asked the Buddha if the place of Revata in the acacia forest was pleasant.

And the Buddha answered in verse as follows:

Verse 98. In a village or in a forest, in a valley or on a hill,
wherever Arahats dwell, that place is delightful.

Translated by Daw Mya Tin, M.A.,
Burma Pitaka Association, Rangoon, Burma 1986.

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