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What is the Starting Point of all Advantageous States?

Venerable Bahiya once approached the Blessed Buddha and asked:
Sir, Please teach me the Dhamma in brief, so that I can withdraw into
retreat, and dwell secluded, keen, ardent, alert and determined.
Well, Bahiya, purify the very starting point of all advantageous states.
And what is the starting point of all advantageous states?

Morality that is well purified, and a view that is made straight...
Then, Bahiya, when your Morality is well purified and your view is straight,
based upon Morality, established upon Morality, you should develop these
Four Foundations of Awareness. What four? Here, Bahiya, live reflecting on:

1: The Body merely as a transient and compounded Form..
2: Feelings just as vanishing Reactions to sense-contact..
3: Mind only as a group of habitual and conditioned Moods..
4: All Phenomena simply as discrete momentary Mental States..

Thereby removing any desire, jealousy, envy and discontent rooted in this world..
When, Bahiya, based upon Morality, established upon Morality, you develop
these Four Foundations of Awareness in such a way, then both night and day,
you will grow in all advantageous states, and not decline into any degradation!
Then the Venerable Bahiya, delighted, enjoying and rejoicing in what the
Blessed Buddha had explained, rose from his seat, and, after kneeling for
the Blessed One, keeping him on his right, he left. Then dwelling all alone,
withdrawn, diligent, ardent, and resolute, the Venerable Bahiya, realizing it
by direct experience, in this very life entered that incomparable goal of the
Noble life for the sake of which clansmen rightly go forth from this household
life into homelessness. He directly knew: Destroyed is rebirth, the Noble life is
completed, done is what had to be done, there is no more coming into any state
of being... Venerable Bahiya had become another one of the awakened Arahants!

The 4 great frames of Reference!

Comment #: Straight View = Seeing the Efficacy of Kamma!
The Straight View is understanding that everyone is responsible for their own
actions, and that all beings experience their own delayed resulting echo effects,
of any good and bad action, not only in this life, but in many future lives to come!

Details On Foundations of Awareness (Sati):

Source of reference (edited extract):
The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya.
Book [V: 165-6] 47 The Foundations of Awareness: 47 Bahiya..

Straight View ...

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