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What is known about the next 10  Future Buddhas?

The next one is the last in this Universe! His name is Metteyya The friendly one!
see: https://What-Buddha-Said.net/library/DPPN/me_mu/metteyya.htm and
indeed https://What-Buddha-Said.net/library/Metteyya/arimet00.htm and

The Bodhisatta (Lit: Being who will Awaken) Metteyya in Tusita Heaven.

Then follows a Universal Cycle (=Aeon=kappa=kalpa) empty of Buddhas!
In that aeon humans will act like animals or worse. Incest & cannibalism will
be the rule of the day. Terror, wars, death & agony! So make effort NOW!

Then in the next eon 2 Buddhas will emerge: First Rāma and later Dhammarāja
Buddha Dhammarāja was king Pasenadi of Kosala at Gotama Buddha's time.

Then in the next eon 1 Buddha Abhibhū will appear. He is now a king of devas. (4th from right above w. halo)

Then will come another empty eon.

Then will come an eon with 2 Buddhas: Dīghasonī and Cankī.
They will be called: Buddha Nārada and Buddha Ramsimuni.

Then will come an eon with 2 Buddhas: Subha and Todeyya.
They will be called: Buddha Devadeva and Buddha Narasīha

Then will come another empty eon.

Then will come an eon with 2 Buddhas: Tissa and Sumangala.
Buddha Tissa was the elephant Nālagiri at Gotamas time. (see the 2
elephants left above)
Buddha Sumangala was the elephant Pārileyya at Gotamas time.
(see the 2 elephants top below)

Source: Details on the 10 future Buddhas:
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The Birth Stories of the Ten Bodhisattas. Ed. & Tr. Ven. H. Saddhatissa.
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See also the explanation of the future:
Anāgatavamsa Desana. The sermon of the Chronicle to be.
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Buddhist Tradition Series. Vol. 21. Motilal Banarsidass, Delhi.

The 10 future Buddhas!

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