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The 9 Famous Corpse Meditations!


Awareness of the Body as a Live Corpse!

The Blessed Buddha said:
If a monk sees a corpse 1, 2, 3 days dead; swollen, blue and festering,
thrown into cemetery, he then uses this experience regarding his own
body: Verily, exactly so is also my own body. It is of the same nature!
Just so will this body become disgusting & it can never escape this fate!
If a monk sees a body thrown into the cemetery, being eaten by crows,
hawks, vultures, dogs, jackals or by a variety of worms and maggots...
If a monk sees a corpse reduced to a skeleton with some flesh and
blood still attached to it, and held together by the sinews...
If a monk sees a cadaver; a blood-besmeared skeleton, but without
any flesh, held together by the tendons as a chain of bones...
If a monk sees a carcass; just a skeleton without any flesh or blood,
yet still held together by the tendons...
If a monk sees a skeleton of separated bones, scattered in a mess,
here a hand bone, there a foot bone, the pelvis, spine & the skull...
If a monk sees a skeleton simply as bleached white shell-like bones...
If a monk sees bare bones thrown into the cemetery lying heaped up...
If a monk sees a stack of bones now gone rotten & turning into dust,
he then applies this experience to his own body: Verily, exactly so
is also my own body! It is of the very same nature. So fragile & feeble
is it, it will inevitably turn into dust and it cannot ever escape this fate...
Then he lives fearless, detached, and clings to nothing in this world!

Clever Disgust cools all obsessive greed and addictive lust:
For Inspiration are Corpse Pictures Only for Adults deposited here:
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The Body is just a painted puppet!
A chain of bones plastered by skin with 9 oozing holes!
A heap of sores & rotten excrement with evil intentions!

Good autopsy video of shot soldier here:

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Source Text: Majjhima Nikāya 119: Kayagata-Sati Sutta

The 9 Famous Corpse Meditations!

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