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Impersonal Processes: Action without an Actor:
- Neither Agent nor Actor exists, only egoless Acting Processes Unfolds! -

Ask Not 'Who' but 'What'!
Who feels ?    -   Nobody feels !
What feels ?   -   Feeling itself feels !
What does feeling feel ?
Feeling feels pain, pleasure & neutral indifference...

Who perceives ?    -   Nobody perceives !
What perceives ?   -   Perception itself perceives !
What does perception perceive ?
Perception perceives forms, colours, sounds, smells,
tastes, touches and ideas, thoughts & mental states...

Who (re)cognizes ?    -   Nobody cognizes !
What cognizes ?   -   Consciousness itself cognizes !
What does consciousness recognize ?
Consciousness cognizes feelings, perceived experiences
and all the other various mental states as joy, anger etc...

These imprints arise & cease incessantly. Observable is this!
No lasting same 'self' can ever 'reside' or 'remain' within this!

In this passing flux of discrete mental states - exactly like when
the single still pictures of a rolling film, momentarily passes in between
the lens & lamp, causing a blinking projection to appear as 'real' or 'here'
neither a 'feeler' nor a 'experiencer' as an 'Observing Agent'
can be found, assumed, constructed, concluded or deposited...
No-one is 'in' or 'behind' neither the film nor the mental projection...
Just this blinking projection itself - IS – for a short moment!

Feeling itself does not per se imply any 'feeler', as often assumed!
Perception does not itself imply any 'experiencer', as often assumed!

Just like we cannot conclude from the 2 facts:
1: That there is a cinema.
2: There is a film projected inside this cinema.
That there actually are anybody 'inside' that cinema !
As the external cinema very well may be all empty of any 'audience',
then this 'internal cinema' of mere experience, is also empty of any 'Self',
empty of any 'Person', empty of any 'Soul', empty of any 'Entity'
apart from the projected passing experience itself... !

Where – actually – is or resides this adored yet imaginary Ego?
Is the self identical with the body ?   -    No !
Is the self hidden inside the body ?   -    No !
Is the self outside or apart from the body ? - No !
Does the self own & posses a body ?   -    No !
Does the body own & posses a self ?   -    No !
There is just this frame of a body, but no self as controller...

Is the self identical with the feeling ?   -    No !
Is the self hidden inside the feeling ?   -    No !
Is the self outside apart from the feeling ? - No !
Does the self own & posses a feeling ?   -    No !
Does the feeling own & posses a self ?   -    No !
There is just this sensation of feeling, but no self as feeler...

Is the self identical with the experience ?   -    No !
Is the self hidden inside the experience ?   -    No !
Is the self outside & apart from experience ?   - No !
Does the self own & posses an experience ?   -    No !
Does the experience own & posses a self ?   -    No !
There is just this moment of a experience, but no self as experiencer...

Is the self identical with the mental construction ?   -    No !
Is the self hidden inside the mental construction ?   -    No !
Is the self outside apart from mental construction ?   -  No !
Does the self own & posses a mental construction ?   -    No !
Does the mental construction own & posses a self ?   -    No !
There is just this activity of mental construction, but no self as constructor...

Is the self identical with the consciousness ?   -    No !
Is the self hidden inside the consciousness ?   -    No !
Is the self outside apart from consciousness ?   -  No !
Does the self own & posses a consciousness ?   -    No !
Does the consciousness own & posses a self ?   -    No !
There is just this aware consciousness, but no self 'being' conscious...

Why not ?
Because all these phenomena arise, change & cease...!
If the proposition of a self is taken as affirmed, then the:
'The Identical, Same & Unchanging Self' should arise, change
and cease in every moment... Which is absurd, contradictory, and
inconsistent with any concept, which we identify with as 'my self'...!
How can a so-called 'same' self arise as new and cease in each moment?!?
If the self is not 'same', is it then changed into 'another'... ?
Any 'self' who is 'another' is clearly absurd... !

Is the self then a collective conglomerate of body, feeling,
experience & consciousness ?  -   No !
Why not ?
If self is not found within any of the parts, it cannot either
ever be found within any collection of the very same parts!

In Conclusion:
All 'Egoism' is based on an assumed & long cherished & reinforced idea
of an 'agent inside' labelled as a self, which does not exist except
as a mental construction which we fall in love with and violently defend...
This 'auto-romance' has taken place in all the prior rebirths also when animal!
This falsehood is more than fatal! Why so? Because it drags beings back into
rebirth and thus also repeated death... The assumed 'self', 'agent', 'identity',
'soul' or 'personality' does not exist as an unchanging entity... Or reality...
Freed of such self-Obsession, one is freed of the first hindrance
blocking all ways to Nibbana: Personality-belief!

Buddha once said:
Blissful is solitude for one who is content, learned & who see the True Dhamma.
Blissful is harmlessness towards all beings without exception.
Blissful is freedom from any sensual urge whatsoever.
Yet, the supreme bliss, is the elimination of the abysmal conceit “I am”!'  
Udana – Inspiration: II – 1   

The Ego Tunnel - Prof. Dr. Thomas Metzinger TED video:

This -the Buddha's doctrine of No-Self- is called Anatta.
The best way to comprehend No-Self (anatta) is to begin
with observing and reflecting on Impermanence (anicca) and
Suffering (dukkha). Then eventually one comes to understand:
Whatever is always otherwise and never the same, never identical cannot
ever be an identity, a self...
Whatever is always ultimately suffering cannot be under the control of a self,
since if it were, then this self would by this control change it into something
pleasant and happy. But no self can do that, since it is not in full control.
If a self is not in control of even itself (fully autonomic) it cannot be a true self,
but just conditions that plays out their cause and effects...

May all come to see & be calmed thereby.
Subtle & complex, yet true & freeing.

More on the counter-intuitive impersonality, egolessness, or no-self (Anatta):

    Ownerlessness is a universal characteristic of being!
Impersonal are all states & phenomena!


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