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Seeing the Long-Term Kammic Causes and Effects ...

The Blessed Buddha once said:
When a Bhikkhu develops the Feet of Force that is enriched with concentrated desire,
concentrated energy, concentrated thought & concentrated investigation, all constructed
by effort, by thinking: In this way will my desire, energy, thinking and investigating neither
be too slack, nor too tense, it will neither be constricted internally, nor scattered externally,
then he dwells experiencing both what is in front and what is behind, so above, so also below,
so by day, so also at night! Therefore, with a mind that is all open & unrestricted, he develops
the dazzling bright mind, which is pervaded by its own luminosity...
When the 4 feet of suprahuman force have been developed, refined and cultivated in exactly
this way, the Bhikkhu possesses the various kinds of suprahuman force: With the divine eye,
which is purified and surpasses the human, he sees beings passing away and being reborn,
as inferior or superior, beautiful or ugly, fortunate or unfortunate, and he understands how
beings travel on in accordance with their actions (=kamma) thus: The beings who misbehaved
bodily, verbally and mentally, who reviled the Noble Ones, held wrong view, and did actions
based on wrong view, with the break-up of their body, right after death, they are reborn in
a state of misery, in a painful destination, in the lower worlds, even in hell!
But these other beings who engaged in good behaviour bodily, verbally and mentally, who did
not revile the Noble Ones, who held right view, and undertook action based on right view,
with the break-up of their body, after death, have been reborn in a good & happy destination,
even a divine world!
Thus with the divine eye, which is purified and surpasses the human, he sees beings passing away
and being reborn, as inferior or superior, as beautiful or ugly, as fortunate or unfortunate,
and he understands how beings are reborn in accordance with their kamma (behaviour).

Source (edited extract):
The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya. [V:265-66]
section 51: The 4 Forces: Thread 11: Shaking The Mansion.

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